More beautiful than false eyelashes.  Easy maintenance.


Charming big eyes. Look younger. Last for up to 8 weeks.


Less additives. Less irritation. Less allergy. GMP certified.

SHINEE Professional Beauty System

Keratin UP® treatment

Experience a whole new LASH & BROW enhanced service.
Less than 50 minutes.
WOMEN and MEN are suitable.

Training and Certification

We aim to train lash professionals and guide them in their craft.
We offer unparalleled support by providing them with everything that they need from the start of the course until they have managed to build their business.

Lash Lift With Lash Rebirth Course

The Lash Lift course will teach you how to integrate the keratin serum to the lash lift treatment. The hydrolyzed keratin will work best only with the Keratin…

Lash Up Course

The Lash Up technique course comes with a vial of the hydrolyzed Keratin Up serum and the EOS machine. There will be hands on training so please bring…

Initial Inventory

The course comes with an initial inventory (starter kit, face masks, latex-free gloves, bouffant cap, etc.) to help you start your journey as a professional lash artist.

Manual And Certification

We will provide you with comprehensive manual that you can always review anytime you feel the need to refresh your knowledge in lash lifting and lash botox application.…

Hands-On Training On Live Model

We believe that practice makes permanent. Through constant hands-on training, you will be able to develop your craft in lash artistry.

Business Support

We will provide you with marketing ideas and help you with business costing. We don’t want to leave you clueless on how to market your services. We will…


The Secret of Success



lash left training course….


Shinee lash products

Business Support

Shinee Asia after training support is very supportive and provide a lot of tips to us.


Both us and our customers are satified to Shinee Asia Keratin Up products.  Thank you very much.

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